terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

what makes you a good person

In difficult times, such as the one my country is going through, it's usual to be taken by the "impotence" speech. The "there's nothing I can do" allows us not to take responsibility for our own future and justifies that we simply don't intervene in society. 

But it's important to focus on what we really can do. The trick is not to try and go over our heads, which can lead to failure and cause us to quit. Let's start with the little things, such as.. trying to become a better person.

This isn't as easy as it sounds. To be a good person is a complicated task, and even worse when we don't surround ourselves with the right examples... it's easy to slip once in a while. But I've been thinking about what I could do to keep myself on track so... here goes nothing:

  • respect others and Nature
  • speak the Truth
  • help, whenever possible
  • look at life in a positive way and try to see the good in bad things
  • avoid conversations and people that feed gossips and arguments
  • tell your real friends from those who just need something from you
  • enjoy Life and don't compare it to other people's 
  • respect and love yourself (including the little things)
  • remember basic ethics when dealing with others
  • feed your individuality and share with others what you find valuable (hence, this post).

It seems to be that if everybody, individually, would create their own list on how to become a "good person", the world would automatically change for the better. Maybe it's not in our nature to be "good" (and I truly believe it isn't), but to make this effort would certainly pay back.

On a more personal note, I've been going through a terrible misanthropy period, caused by several disappointments with "friends". But instead of doubting and hating the world, the best thing for me to do is start emanating light and surrounding myself with it. What about you, what could you do get back into the light? Think about it.

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